Epiphany – What Color is Love?

Epiphany – What Color is Love?       


 This past Christmas season a national network news anchor declared that both Jesus Christ, whose birth is celebrated at Christmas, hence the name for the holiday, and Santa Claus, a popular cultural icon of the holiday season, were both white – Caucasian.  There were no cameras to record the event of the birth of the baby Jesus and the calendars used in modern times were not the calendars used at the time of the believed birth of this baby.  So we have no real court-worthy evidence of either the birth or the date of it.  What we do have is a story, a myth, an oral tradition that some people have taken on faith and believed. 


Evidence of life is not determined by whether or not one believes but such beliefs can enhance, improve, and even give reason for life.  Science is very clear about the effect quality of life has on a living being and having a positive belief system is included in quality of life.


Whether or not one is a Christian, a follower of the baby whose birth is celebrated at Christmas, or whether one participates in some other faith system or claims to have none at all, we all have certain beliefs.  We hold our beliefs to be truths and to us they are as self-evident as any court-worthy evidentiary facts.  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  The Declaration of Independence, the first legal document of the United States of America, declares that we have beliefs and the right to them. 


Was this news anchor exercising her right to her beliefs or was she violating the rights of others to their own beliefs?  This baby who would grow up to be called Messiah by some is said to stand for love.  Believers believe he gave his life for their chance at eternal life.  Certainly that is love.  So what color was he and what color is love?


 At the top of the page are 88 smiling faces, or should be if I counted correctly.  Multiply those by 1000 and you have the number of chromosomes in the average human body.  Chromosomes do a multitude of things.  They are tightly coiled, organized structures of our DNA.  Immediately above this paragraph are also a group of smiling faces.  Both groups look fairly similar or are they?  Actually, one group has two less faces than the other.  Can you tell which is which?  Of course not!  Two less faces really doesn’t make that much of a difference.  However, wars have been fought and are currently being fought for what those two less faces represent…. All supposedly in the name of love – love of culture, of nationality.  Actually, wars are most often fought for love of greed and power.

Less than two thousand of the eighty-eight thousand chromosomes in the average human body affect ethnic features – eye shape, skin color, hair type, etc.  Multiple those two less faces by 1000 and you have exactly what I am describing.  Two thousand of anything is a large number but put it in context and it can be practically nothing.  After all, if I gave you 88 M & M’s and then asked for only two back in payment, would you hesitate?

On January 6th, the Christian community will celebrate Epiphany, the day in which the baby born in a stable in Bethlehem was manifested as the son of God, the promised Messiah, the love of God in human form.  This child legally was not Caucasian since the legal definition of Caucasian is someone whose ancestry is European.  Any child born in Bethlehem would have been Middle Eastern or, in common terms, Arab.  Born into a Jewish household, he would have been considered Jewish, Israeli in the common vernacular, but those are not legal definitions of race.  I would hope that a national news network would educate its on-air personalities but apparently this particular news network does not.

What color love will you see on January 6th?  Some will indeed see Love as lily white; some will see it bronzed and brown, or almond-eyed, some with a yellow hue.  Most will envision Love just as they are but the more open-hearted, will know that Love comes in all colors.  Just as the smile that Santa Claus brings can appear on the face of any color, so Love can be manifested in any body.

Let’s all have our own epiphany this January 6th, that sudden intuitive leap of understanding that Love comes down to us all when we stop filling in the picture with fear and start living the faith we profess.  After all, Love does not limit us.  Why do we limit it to just one color…or shape …or size?  This January 6th, let’s see love with the eyes of our heart, the eyes of faith.







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