Goofs & Gifts

Goofs & Gifts

Like most people, when the New Year 2014 struck at 12:00:01 AM, I hoped that it would be a better year than those previous.  However, I am grateful for all those times in past years that life was a big “OOPS!”  Those were the times that tested me, challenged me, and offered me the greatest opportunity for growth, learning, recognition of friends, a sense of accomplishment.

When a science experiment goes according to plans, all that does it confirm for the scientist that what he/she thought he/she knew was correct.  It is when the experiment does NOT go according to plans that science occurs.  That is when real learning happens.  Why did the elements not react as expected?  Why was the result different?  What caused those changes?  Can we replicate them?  If so, how?  In finding the answers, we realize a new part of science.  We gain from the unexpected – those “OOPS!”

Life is so nice and calm when there is no build-up of static electricity that causes a light bulb to blow when I turn it on.  However, until I go to replace that blown bulb, I don’t realize I need to go buy some more bulbs.  Every morning I arise and without much thought, get ready, completely taking for granted the plumbing, the water coming through the taps, the electricity used to make my breakfast.  Let there be a power outage or a water contamination, though, and all of a sudden I value my creature comforts like never before!

The past year had its challenges and I am grateful for not only having survived them but for the friendships that supported me through them.  I am blessed to be able to say lessons were learned.  Not all my questions were answered but…Hey, maybe that’s what 2014 will bring!

Embrace all of your life – the good and the bad.  Draw strength from your own spirit and wisdom from your base of faith on how to move forward.  May we all make 2014 a year of enlightenment, love, health, and joy as we hop from goof to gift!

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