Easter Eighteen

Easter Eighteen
May 7, 2014

On the Waterfront

We all face those decisions in life. Standing on the waterfront of a choice, we have to decide our next action. There are no guarantees. We have to do what we feel is right, or rather, we should do what we feel is right. What determines “right” is based on our version of morality.

Yesterday I posted comments regarding that illegal kidnapping of over two hundred girls as they slept in Nigeria. It was not a trendy thing to do although the topic is trending. It was both the least and the most that I could do. Bringing attention to a heinous crime helps prevent that crime from being repeated. Sometimes it helps in resolving the crime. The more people that affirm the right of those girls to live and receive an education, the better chance they have of being recovered.
I was taking a risk, though, and I was fully aware of it. People who resort to violence do not like to be thwarted or reviled. They usually have low self-esteem and perceive any negative comment as a threat. To talk about them in a public forum could be considered foolish and putting one’s self in danger. I am not that unintelligent so as to not realize this.

I live on faith. I act with hope. I expect people to be the best they can be and I refuse to lower those standards. I have such standards because I believe in a good and righteous God. I therefore believe His children to be good, even if that goodness has been very well hidden within their actions. I believe in redemption and retribution. I also believe in forgiveness.

Today I received a friend request from a man in Nigeria on FaceBook. It could have been coincidence. It could have been from the father of one of those girls. There are no common factors between this man and myself. It could also have been someone trying to befriend me to learn more about me so that I could be silenced. I was just one of millions protesting this but to silence those millions starts with the silencing of one voice. I rejected the friend request. I am still exercising my voice here with faith.

We all have a voice. Some can speak and some cannot. We still have a say, the right to an opinion. We also have a choice. We can choose to be a spectator on the waterfront of our lives or be a contender. I am a nobody in the general scheme of life, a mere speck on this great planet of humanity. I have value, though, and I have a voice. I am also a contender. Living is not a spectator sport in my humble opinion.

Those girls count. My morality says they are valued members of this planet’s life. They deserve the right to live and learn. They deserve the right to be on the waterfront of their lives and be contenders. I hope we can soon hear their voices as they return to their schools, valued voices in the song of life.


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