Pentecost 62

Pentecost 62
My Psalm 62

Trust: A Necessary Leap of Faith

Psalm 62 is about trust. Trust is what, I believe, will save our world. Without trust, we will have no peace. We have the skills to trust. There are no words I can write, no experts to quote that will change that fact or emphasize it more. We simply must choose to do so.

Twenty years ago I had the chance to be a part of the Peace Child International movement. There is no better way to talk about or illustrate that we must take that leap of faith and trust than this video:

This month children have died in bombings. Innocent children perished, children whose lives were deemed by both sides of conflict to be expendable. Faith is something that in the twenty-first century seems expendable. Whether it is spirituality or a recognized religion, we need to believe in something. Once we believe, we need to live it.

One note before the closing video at the end of the psalm: At the end it calls the men pictured, cold blooded killers. Their actions killed and their behavior in the seventy-two hours beforehand was not that of practicing Muslims. They engaged in things not supported by the Koran as evidenced by video taken in Las Vegas, etc. I do not wish to incite anger towards these perpetrators of the tragedy that took the lives of the children honored in the video. Anger solves nothing; neither does exaggerated rhetoric. Islam did not attack these children any more than hurricanes are God’s vengeance against misbehaving Christians. The focus of the video is the loss of life due to a lack of trust between peoples of the world and children from multiples walks of life perished. Please do not take away from the video anger but rather, the need to prevent further loss of life….on all sides.

My Psalm 62

Lord, in you I trust.
We all doubt and fear each other.
In You is our hope, our salvation, our future.
No one is God but the Highest.
Life comes to us in the form of children.
They are our future.
The future dies when a child dies.
Our future gets smaller with the unnecessary death of anyone.
May we truly live Your teachings;
May we trust one another
As we place our trust in You.


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