Pentecost 167


Pentecost 167
My Proverbs 17

Magnificent Mysteries

Subways are a great place to hear interesting conversations. Strangers exchange comments about anything and everything and occasionally, so do friends. Recently, an acquaintance overheard a commuter offer an embroidered handkerchief to a young child who was happily smearing chocolate ice cream all over his face. The frazzled young mother hurriedly pushed the heirloom handkerchief away from her son’s outreached hand. She thanked the stranger, graciously refusing the offer and referring to how the chocolate would have stained the linen. The older woman laughed and she herself wiped the little boy’s face. “This is why I made it,” she explained. “I’ve carried in my pocketbook for several years, hoping that one day I would have the chance to offer it to someone. Now I can go home and remember. I do hope there is a little stain because it will be like the…

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