Broadening Horizons

Sawyerville Day Camp is a collaborative effort that takes place in Hale County, Alabama which is one of the poorest counties in all of the USA. Through the efforts of interdenominational religious groups, the communities in the area, the school districts, local venues, and over three hundred on-site volunteers plus a thousand more statewide, SDC offers children entertainment, education, friendship, fun, and hope. I am proud to be a very small part of this wonderful program and happily repost today’s SDC blog.


Today was a perfect example of Sawyerville Day Camp living out one of its three goals:

To broaden horizons of campers and counselors through Christian day camp activities and relationship-building.

Wish 2 Enrich, a non-profit organization in Birmingham, partners with pre-schools, daycares, after-school programs, and other organizations to ensure that children with hardships have the opportunity to be involved in any enrichment activity they desire. This summer, they’re partnering with SDC! Today, our Middler campers had the chance to learn a few soccer skills. One child said, “I got to dribble the ball, and I got to control it. It was just really fun.”

IMG_6891IMG_6865IMG_6857Also yesterday and today, John Scalici of Get Rhythm led drumming workshops with the campers in each age group. John has been coming to SDC for almost ten years now, and we can’t imagine camp without him. Drumming workshops are a practice in self control…

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