I Spy: Fly on the Wall

I Spy: Fly on the Wall
Pentecost 90

Throughout the ages, regardless of location, time, or culture, the mythologies of mankind have reflected mankind’s vision of itself and its needs. When we were young, living through the infancy of mankind, we needed reasons for the many aspects of nature we encountered. We had many deities we felt controlled them. We accepted no blame, much like an infant cannot realize that a cookie falls to the floor because he/she opened their hand and allowed it to fall. Even today, mankind is debating the impact we have had on the environment, whether or not globing warming is a real thing or just a myth made up by a few scared scientists or perhaps corporate America.

Earlier this week I spoke about avenge and revenge. Today I want to focus less on the deity and more on us. How do we see ourselves? What do you see when you look into the mirror or gaze upon the face of another? What about your deity is reflected not only in the life you live but in the friends you make, in the friend that you are? If I spied on your living, what about it would give me the name of your personal version of one or more deities?

Are you the type of person who quickly rushes to a friend’s defense, chasing about bullies, reflecting El Nekamoth, the God who avenges? Research and actual living experience has proven that bullies feel able to bully because they encounter very little resistance. The person who refuses to allow such might reflect Jehovah Gibbor Milchmah, the Lord mighty in battle.

There are many different ways to combat discrimination and other forms of malicious doings that do not require violence. Jehovah Chereb, the Lord the sword, would be one who not only could wield a strong weapon but know that there stronger weapons in beneficial living, human dignity, human rights, and positive speaking than in killing. Then spoken and/or written word truly can be more powerful than a sharp-edged implement of destruction.

There is an old saying: “I wish I was a fly on the wall” which means I wish I could have seen what transpired. Be a spy into your own living. What type of friend are you? Our friends are often the best mirror into our own living that we have. What type of deity do your friends reflect? A true friend is one who is supportive, much like El Sali, God my rock. A true friend is happy when another receives goodness in their life, whether it is in the form of another friend, recognition, or new purchases.

All too often, though, friendship can have an undercurrent of jealousy and not in a good way. Ancient mythologies made reference to El Kanna, the jealous God, and Jehovah Kanna Shemo, the Lord whose name is jealous. It was their way of describing the need for one deity. Today it is good advice since people seem to worship their material possessions more than their faith. How does your living show what you hold dear?

Sometimes we need reminding or a boost in the uniqueness of our being. Friends are supposed to do that for each other. Jehovah Metsudhathi, the Lord my high tower, referred to faith being a place of comfort, a place to remember we do have value. Friends should also make our living better, much like Jehovah Mekaddishem, the Lord who sanctifies you. While being truthful, like Jehovah El Emeth, the Lord God of truth, is not always comfortable and with friends can require a great deal of tact and diplomacy, it really is the best policy for living.

Tact and diplomacy are also characteristics of not only the faithful but also the friendly. The best thing about them is that they lead to charity and compassion. Diplomacy does not mean being untruthful but rather finding the best way to convey the truth. They are necessary tools for living among others on this planet and they are probably the best reflection of Elohim Chasdi, the God of loving-kindness.

Finally, how would a spy on your everyday living summarize that which had been seen? Are you someone who brings peace to their environment and friends, reflecting Sar Shalom, the Prince of peace? If we really were a “fly on the wall”, we might be able to fly forward (and yes, I know flies have an incredibly short life-span but a large part of mythology is being whimsical, using fantasy so just play along, okay?). The name “Sar” is a Hebrew name with mane other delineations in other cultures. The Arabic “sheik” is a form as is the English “squire”. The word means prince, captain, and other forms of leader. Friends should help lead us into a brighter future. “Sar” is used not only in the Hebrew writings which comprise the Old Testament but is also found in the New Testament in the book of Matthew, referencing yet another personage who does not stand alone but as a part of the deity known as God the Father in telling of the birth of God the Son, the character Christians call Jesus.

Today will ask much of us. Living usually does. What will your living today reflect…about your friends, about your priorities, about your beliefs? If we cannot see our faith in what we do, why are we doing it? If our beliefs are not evident to those around us, how deeply do we believe? Twenty-four hours will tell our story today, the mythology of you and your faith. I write a blog post every day but today, today you will be the author. Every twenty-four hours is a chapter we write in our living. What will you write for the world to read today?


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