Gift of Gab

Gift of Gab

Pentecost 18


Each year over twelve million are diagnosed with cancer and seven million dies from the disease.  While clearly more research dollars should be devoted to finding both cause and cure, better lifestyle adjustments also need to be made.  We need to stop using tobacco products the lead to such cancers as lung cancer and throat cancer.  We need to stop baking out skin in order to get a desired tan because that can lead to skin cancer, the leading cause of most cancer deaths.


We also need to reach out to those who suffer from this disease and their families.  We need to live our beliefs by helping them during these times of turmoil and fright.  Not all cancers are deadly and some need only stem cells or donors to help cure the disease in another.  We need to realize where and how we can help and then… well, help!


Several months ago I received a friend request from a stranger.  I looked at the profile of the requestor and realized we had some common interests and friends so I accepted the request.  Little did I know this person was recovering from cancer.  I also did not know this person was the author of a blog, a journal of his/her process of recovery.


In the ensuing months, I have read this blog and seen the positive impact it has not only on the writer but on those readers who also suffer from cancer.  My new friend on Facebook is helping others with the gift of gab.  By being brave enough to share this journey, others are seeing they are not alone.  A community has been formed and this community is both supportive and effective.


All too often we think of talk in terms of time or something we should critique.  We often are more interested in the appearance of the talk rather than the substance.  We need to listen with our ears and not with our eyes or our watch. 


Life is not a series of sound bites.  Life is about living and the talk that we utilize to do that should not be reduced to propaganda nor should it be taken lightly.  Words have meaning and never should we use them solely for the purpose of insulting or hurting.  We should value their weight and ability to connect, to instruct, and to heal.  Talk may be cheap at times but it should never be taken for granted.  February 4th is World Cancer Day but really, every day is a good day to use your power of speech to help another.


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