Thank You!

Thank you

Pentecost 32


We’ve all had them, those really crappy days in which nothing seemed to be going right.  Then, out of the blue we get a card from a long-time acquaintance or the phone rings or perhaps you even get a text.  The situations may be varied but the reason for the communication is the same.  Someone wants to tell you thank you and suddenly, the sky is blue, the birds are singing, and life seems tolerable – all because of two little words.


Regardless of whether it is a simple card or a bouquet of flowers or a hug or box of candy, an expression of gratitude brings out the happy in us all.  Those two simple words reflect the basic goodness of mankind and helps bring our own life into balance.


Being thanked is not always a positive thing for some people.  They might feel unworthy or unsure how to respond.  Often, one act may mean nothing to the person doing it but mean everything to the recipient.  All too often we simply do not know how to respond when we are being thanked.  Should we send a thank you for the thank you note?  I recently received a lovely thank you and made mention of it on Facebook since the person who had written was a friend in social media.  My public recognition of receiving the thank you also helped others see this person for the nice, grateful adult they are becoming.


Gratitude is an over-looked part of the happiness equation.  Recently it has become popular to have “an attitude of gratitude” but science proves it is much more than just a trending cliché.  Those who frequently express gratitude to others usually have better mental health and are more likely to be emotionally supportive of others. 


If receiving another person’s gratitude makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps you should take this ordinary expression and do an extraordinary study of it to determine why.  People sometimes feel unworthy of being thanks because their own sense of self-worth is very low.  Chronic feelings of inadequacy should be discussed with a professional.


Thank you notes do not have to be Pulitzer Prize-winning novels or even short essays.  A brief sincere note will suffice.  One can find countless online references and formats but often the easiest is a sincere expression of gratitude and the event for which it is offered.  Think of that thank you note you need to write to someone as a rainbow.  Seldom are they all visible in their entirety or even perfect.  Yet, each rainbow is a welcomed sign of goodness and hope.  Send someone a thank you note.  Perhaps it will be to a seldom seen friend from the past or to that neighbor who watered you garden while you were out of town.   Whether it is an actual note or a plate of cookies, gratitude is always in fashion and welcomed.  And in case you are wondering how to respond, it really is as simply as two little words:  Thank you.

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