Y Care?

Y Care?

Pentecost 39


Why care?  In the comments I have received regarding this series, they all boil down to two words: Why care?  Why should we care about those halfway around the world?  Why should we care about our neighbors who look exactly the opposite of us?  Why care about anything at all?  Why try to make an ordinary day into something extraordinary?


Life is extraordinary.  If you take the time to determine all the reasons none of us should be here, the list is somewhat staggering.  Whether you believe in evolution or creation, whether you think we just happened to become what mankind is today or that it was part of some huge and great masterful plan, it really is astounding that we are here.  It is amazing that plague and pestilence have not wipes us off the face of the earth or that we have  not managed to blow ourselves up.


Life is astounding and amazing and there are groups of people all around the world that recognize that fact.  One such group is the Y.M.C.A.   A week ago, a fifty-something man stepped out onto the stage on the program “America’s Got Talent and had the entire crowd standing on its feet smiling.  It was a solo act of sorts – this one man dressed as an American Indian with his four puppets.  He lip-synced to a song and it was the song that had everyone clapping, dancing, and singing along – “Y.M.C.A.”


More than just a song, the Young Men’s Christian Association and its sister group, Y.W.C.A., have become an international organization that provides aid, companionship, and education all around the world.  The impact of these groups is extraordinary and they do it with ordinary people, simple folk like you and me.


How can you help?  Donating used clothing is a start but so is donating an hour or two of your time.  Money is always needed and used to help those for whom mainstream life is difficult.  In some countries like England, Y.M.C.A. centers have primary purposes.  One might be an alternative school while another provides midwife practices.  The hostels that many of us associate with this group also exist and welcome travelers worldwide.


Why care?  We should care because we all are here.  Life is precious, fragile gift each of us has been given.  Take a few minutes today to give thanks and then share that gratitude with another.  You will be glad you did.


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