Pat on the Back

“Pat on the Back”

Pentecost 41


It probably began much earlier but in 1823 it was put on paper.  “Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man” is the beginning of a popular nursery rhyme which involves putting a child’s hands together to make a “pat pat” sound.  To do these actions not only entertains the young child, it helps acquaint them with eye-hand coordination.


Recent events in the United States have emphasized the need for a friendly pat.  In these times of fear and death, a simple touch on the shoulder or back can mean support and compassion.  It often is the simplest and most meaningful thing we can do for another person.  It turns their brief ordinary time of pain and frustration, fear and distrust into a brief moment of the extraordinary which occurs when we come together to offer support.


To offer support to another person is a way to improve our life eye-hand coordination.  All too often we forget that we are a part of a much larger whole – the whole being of mankind.  We each are important for our own individuality but together we comprise the body of humanity.


Like most things, life requires effort and daily practice.  Turn today’s ordinary process of living into something extraordinary.  Send a thank you note to your local law enforcement or take a batch of cookies over to the house of a friend with family serving in law enforcement.  Recent attacks are not just directed towards other people.  They attack the heart of our being, our collective being.


Yesterday’s post stated that there is no “them”.  Because of that, we need to honor our collective “you” and those who protect us, help us, comfort us, teach us.  Make today extraordinary by taking a moment to give someone a pat on the back.  Sometimes doing something good can really be as easy as a pat on the back.


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