Pentecost 51


The word “terror” is a most uncomfortable word. To speak it is to define it because just hearing the word brings about exactly what it is – fear, horror, alarm, shock, trepidation.  More terror has occurred in Germany in the past twenty-four hours as well as in Fort Myers, Florida.  We react based upon recent events and peace seems to have left the planet.


We can change this cycle of terror by reacting with hope and faith, not fear.  We honor those who have died and been injured by living the best we can, with respect and courtesy to all.  Vicious language and hurtful actions accomplish nothing.  We cannot become the evil we fear.  We must display the love and peace we seek to find.


The extraordinary in life is found in the everyday miracles of living… a baby’s smile, a child’s laughter, a friend’s hand.  Generosity of spirit does far more than any amount of speeches or threats.  In memory of yet more deaths please go forward with kindness.  The world is waiting for us to remember that a kind spirit is the key to a bright future.


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