Value Time

Value Time

Pentecost 55


We all have the same number of minutes in an hour, the same number of hours in a day.  The only variable that really changes is the number of days we live on this earth.  There is an old Irish proverb which states “Time is a great storyteller.”  Time is perhaps the greatest storyteller of them all.


A very effective tool for teachers and therapists alike is a website called  The website basically offers the user a series of blank panels which they can fill with predesigned scenes.  Text is then added and before you realize it, you have created a storyboard, a telling of an event, real of fictional.


We create the storyboard scenes of our lives every day.  Our actions, where we go, what we say all add up to a telling of the story of our lives.  Recent events might make someone think the world has become a horrible place.  The storyboards that are most prevalent are the scenes of death and the speeches of hatred.


Storyboards only tell one dimension of a story, however.  They offer one perspective only and are unable to show reaction.  Our actions are the determining factor in who and what we really are and when our reactions become actions themselves, we have a more complete story.  For example, The firing on police officers in Dallas, Texas was one storyboard with a parking garage as the scenery and officers and the public as the characters.  The reaction to that initial round of gunfire became more action as officers continued to protect the public and crowds gathered around a mother with a small child trying to flee.  In that moment, we no longer saw fear and chaos but determined heroes working together.


How we spend our time is imperative in creating who we are.  Wasting time on one hundred and forty characters whose purpose is to brag and distort the truth is not a sensible use of our time.  It creates nothing positive.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think Twitter is a most effective tool but like any tool, it should be used appropriately.  Trying to screw in a nail is not very effective since the nail head as no threads that the screwdriver can utilize.  Similarly, trying to cut a tree down with a hammer might burn some calories but it will not get the tree taken down in an efficient or timely manner.


We need to use our time constructively to make it extraordinary.  We need to stop wasting energy on useless objectives and work together for a productive today and dynamic tomorrow.  How we spend our time creates how we spend our lives.  Effective time management is not only good business, it is good living.


In writing the story of our lives we must allow time for the main character – ourselves.  Go to bed thirty minutes later and spend that thirty minutes doing some just for you – read a book, relax in a spa bath, get a manicure, and/or indulge in a hobby.  Create a realistic schedule of what you need to do for that day.  Using time wisely reduces stress and creates better living and healthier lifestyles.  Ask for help when it is needed and don’t feel badly about the asking.  No one knows everything and working together creates community which is never a bad thing.  Be fierce in what you spend your time doing.  Do what you consider important and then do what needs to be done.  At the end of the day release any items not accomplished and the guilt that accompanies them. 


Each day is a new page being written in the story of you.  When we value the time we live, then we value those doing the living.  Remember that the events of each hour are not the complete story.  How we use them and what we learn from them create each new chapter.  Never was a being born that did not have value.  Your time on this earth is precious and has value because it is your story.  When we value our time, we value ourselves.



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