Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage

Pentecost 70


Traveling today?  Why not help someone else travel, put a smile on the face of a child affected with cancer, and quite likely make a positive change for the future of all children?  It really can be as simple as booking an airplane ticket.


Childhood Cancer is not fictitious.  It exists and affects children and their families every day.  So when someone asked if I had heard about Expedia’s virtual reality campaign for St. Jude’s Pediatric Research Center and Hospital, I was confused.  In March of this year, Expedia, the travel site that promises assistance in booking everything needed for business or pleasure travel, began a new campaign with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  The goal was to raise awareness using a virtual reality experience that would benefit some St. Jude’s patients.


The “Dream Adventures” asked four patients to share their passion and ideal dream adventure.  One wanted to play with monkeys.  Another dreamed of running with horses.  The third wanted to go dig for dinosaur fossils while the fourth simply wanted to swim in the ocean.  Not only did the children get to experience living their dreams through virtual reality, media technology history was made.  Using 360-degree filming technology, the Expedia employees dispatched to live these dreams used projection mapping and live streaming technology to include the children with their experiences.  With a four-wall virtual reality installation at the hospital, the patients were able to direct the actions of the employee trekker and immerse themselves in the experience.


Expedia has long encouraged its customers to live their dreams.  This campaign also encourages customers to donate their Expedia travel points directly to the hospital.  These points will then be converted to monetary value and that monetary value donated directly to St. Jude’s.  Since no family is ever charged for services received, your travel points will be needed and put to good use.


So while you dream of your next trip, take a few minutes and book it through this travel website.  Encourage your place of business to do the same.  Wouldn’t it be great if while you were flying through the air, your points helped someone be able to live?


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