A New Idea

A New Idea

Pentecost 137


I received a complaint over my last post.  The thought in dispute was not the actual post but the fact that I discussed both the Jewish and Islamic New year celebrations in the same post.  Apparently one reader, whom I shall not name because I firmly believe in their right to remain anonymous, did not believe the two holidays should be discussed together.


New Year celebrations are as old as mankind.  The Jewish calendar begins with the Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah which started last night at sundown.  Today the Islamic New Year celebration period of Muharram began and will continue for ten days, ending with a celebration for Moses escaping the Egyptians.  The Christian liturgical calendar celebrates the beginning of their calendar year with the First Sunday in Advent which this year falls on November 27, 2016.  The secular calendars of course celebrate New Year’s Day on the first day of the year, January 1st.  Each celebration, though, is really about giving thanks and living hope.  We all share that in common and so, I included the first two celebrations together.


What if we never celebrated different things together?  What if we never thought about new ideas?  What if we never grew in knowledge or understanding?  What if there were no new ideas?


Letting yourself have a new idea or be open to diversity is not just a sign of modern times.  Mankind has been doing it forever.  Otherwise, we would all still be living in caves without plumbing or technology.  You would be reading once I had carved it in stone on the wall of some cave.


It is natural to fear the unknown but we cannot let the unknown stop us from growing.  We must be open to new ideas, even it is means discussing two schools of faith that are seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Belief in something and a passionat4e love of that belief is shared by all who believe in something.  We cannot restrict that which we share because then we deny who we are – human beings.


Celebrate these two New year celebrations in your own way, positively and with hope.  Then in eight weeks, celebrate again.  Life is to celebrated, not destroyed or feared.  New ideas take us down paths of success and perhaps together we will create a better tomorrow, a brighter new year for all.


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