Kindness in Living

Kindness  in Living

Pentecost 171


Are you living with intention?  I was asked that question several years ago and my first thought was “Of course I am!”  Then I really started thinking.  Was I?  Living intentionally means doing things with a purpose, not because they are a habit or because we have always done them.  That is best described as living by rote.  Too often our routines become habits and we simply stop thinking about why we are doing what we are doing. 


The purpose of this series has been to ask you to stop doing things unconsciously and to begin doing with a purpose.  That purpose was to make something, someone’s day, some hour better than it might be otherwise.  Instead of accepting the ordinary life, I have asked you to vary your normal schedule in order to make the ordinary extraordinary.


It really is not that difficult to do.  Are you busy working and trying to get ahead?  Why not take some time and back some cookies.  You can even purchase them at a bakery or grocery store.  Take them into work and just put them on the table or counter in your break room.  Drive through and take a dozen doughnuts in or perhaps two dozen doughnut holes.    Even something as simple as a box of wrapped bite-size candies on your desk can help brighten someone’s day.


In many parts of the world the seasons are changing and so are our wardrobes.  Why not check out a local thrift store whose profits go for charity.  You can save some money and do a good deed.  The money you save and either go into your own personal vacation fund or be donated to yet another charity.


Even sharing a thank you or a compliment can make someone’s day.  The purpose of talking has seemingly gotten skewed in this election season.  It became a campaign of smears and insults, not a discussion of forward movement.  We can and should do better in our living. And seek to spread kindness in all ways. 


 Civility, manners, thoughtfulness, understanding, compassion, respect – These are all positive emotions conveyed via our speech one to another.  It costs nothing monetarily and the amount of energy expended and time required is minimal.  The rewards, however, are amazing, extraordinary in fact.





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