Vote Kindness 365

Vote Kindness 365

Pentecost 172


Tomorrow voters in the USA will elect a new leader for the next four years.  Hopefully, they will select a candidate who lives kindness – not just in their campaign speeches but in their actions.  IF we fail to exhibit kindness, then we have failed to truly live.


A group of people has been riding around the United States in an old school bus and their sole purpose is to spread kindness.  If you were around in the sixties, you might be forgiven for having flashbacks of kids riding around chanting “Make peace and love, not war!”  However, this group started their journey earlier this year of 2016.


Known as The Kindness Project, their name pretty much says it all.  Rhode Island in the summer is a popular place and this past July found The Kindness Project in Newport beach, passing out bracelets that read “Be Kind”.  They encouraged everyone to simply practice kindness.  Things like simply holding the door open for someone, saying thank you to another, sharing a smile with a stranger are all ways to practice kindness.


The local NBC television station reported on the group:  Teague Egan came up with this idea and assembled some major sponsors and a group of six to travel all fifty states with this message of kindness.  “We wanted to do something that could create a global movement to help people understand that paying it forward is really important,” he said. “Spreading kindness is really important.”


Along the way the group will be donating their time and energy for such things as helping terminally ill children attend summer camp or offering support to the LGBTI community in Orlando, Florida.  Those involved are committed to spreading kindness throughout the country and their sponsors agree with them that we need as much as we can share.  Their website is and you can follow their journey by going to it.


Living kindness every day should be a goal for each of us.  Plato once admonished “Be king for everyone is fighting a harder battle”.  Booker T. Washington updated the advice.  “Of you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up first.”  Practicing kindness is someone every single person can do.  It requires no special skills or monetary output.  We just have to commit to being kind and make that commitment count each and every day.





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