In the Silence …

In the Silence …

Pentecost 178


The eleventh minute of the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month was declared World Armistice Day.  In the USA it is known as Veteran’s Day and is considered a national holiday whose purpose is to thank all veterans who served their country.


When those same veterans returned home in the late 60’s and early 70’s they were called murderers and spit upon and heckled.  Some communities canceled their Veteran’s Day Parades.  Recently members of the military have had to stop posting base stickers on their vehicles and some have been advised to not wear their uniforms to work within CONUS.


No one is born free just as no one became alive on their own.  We all live with help and the military of those nations respecting the unalienable rights of each of us fight for just that.  They fight for each us today in the here and now and for tomorrow, for our future.


In the silence of that first Armistice Day could be heard the prayers for peace, love, and harmony.  Ironically, that was the chant of those mocking the men and women who had fought for and given the protestors their right to free speech.


Peace, love, and harmony is something we all desire in order to live.  If you are reading this, the world has not ended. People still need a cure from cancer. Children are still going to bed hungry. Somewhere a family is huddled together under a bridge, homeless. A worker is holding down two jobs and an elderly person is deciding between food or medicine.


Tuesday the USA elected a new leader for the next four years, a new figure-head to represent the nation.  If your candidate won, good for you.   If your candidate lost, good for you for voting. That was yesterday. Now people are protesting and that too is part of the democratic process as long as their protests are violence-free.


We forget that the constituency of the United States is much like that of any large group of people.  There are differing opinions and expectations, projections that include hope and some that foretell disaster.   In the late1960’s they claimed it would be the end of democracy when demonstrations disrupted the Democratic Convention. In the mid 1970’s they claimed it was a dark day for religion when the Episcopal Church ordained women. In the early 1980’s MTV appeared and many were convinced it would be the end of decent culture.


Elected officials rise to the level required by the people. I refuse to give up or give in because of just one candidate – win or lose.   Faith is not just for good times. It is the compass for the bad times, the scary times, the uncertain times.  Regardless of your culture and creed, the human race is a race of resurrection and rebirth, renewal and reinvention.


Now let’s move forward like the people we profess to be and live the life given to us to live. There is still much to be done.  The best way to honor those who have died and served is to honor that for which they lived and fought…peace, love, and harmony in a free world.  Take a moment to honor all veterans and in that moment of silence, you will hear their wish for peace.


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