Epiphany 19


The French Essayist Albert Camus once said that “All great deeds and all great thoughts have a ridiculous beginning.”  I realize that “ridiculous” is not technically a verb and we are supposed to be discussing actions words or verbs in this series.  However, it can be a state of being so I ask you understanding as we discuss it.


Jonathan Mead has a few thoughts on this topic.  “Ridiculous people have something figured out that other people haven’t quite grasped. They wear a subtle, almost undetectable smirk that makes you think they’re about to make some kind of mischief. They probably are. Mischief is what they like best.  The truth is, ridiculous people aren’t ridiculous at all; they just seem that way to the people that are always trying to be serious. They seem unruly and careless because they’re not following the common template. They are obviously out of line, and that is most alarming to the serious tribe.”


Ridiculous is a perception and often it is perceived to be wrong.  What if the so-called ridiculous was actually the correct thing, the authentic way to live?  Just imagine that someone finally figures out that everything trending was really useless.  What would happen then?  “Reality is a dream that someone was brave enough to conquer”, according to Shannon Adler.


Too often people follow the leader.  If you are hiking up a steep cliff with only a four-inch path, then following the leader is a great thing.  When we are on life’s journey, though, we need to follow our soul’s dream, not whatever some ambiguous “they” has decided is the correct thing to do… or wear… or think.


Take chance and be ridiculous.  Wear your hat backward or select a striking color of shirt instead of that same old light blue you always wear.  Be bold in your living.  More important, be authentic and if authentic means being ridiculous….Have a great time being you!





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