Epiphany 33


A big part of going on a trip is unpacking when you return home.  The same is true for moving.  Returning to where you started is not really the end.  One is not truly home until one unpacks.  And yet….how many of us “unpack” our living?


This post will not be lengthy because the point is fairly self-explanatory.  Hanging onto to old junk means living in a trash heap and most of us would rather not elect to do that. Before you start protesting about how you are definitely not doing that, that you don’t have any “old baggage”, let me quote Iyanla Vanzant:  “If you don’t have any baggage, then you don’t have a pulse.”


Having baggage means we have traveled.  It is not anything to be ashamed of because it means we have lived.  The thing is, though, we need to unpack.  We need to make room for the happiness of today and tomorrow.  If the spaces in our lives are too full of yesterday, then we do not have room for today and certainly not for tomorrow.


You might discover as you unpack that old stuff some hidden jewels.  Perhaps it will be a picture or beloved yet forgotten memento.  You will also find yourself amid the many things – the you that lived yesterday, the you living today, and just maybe the hopes and dreams of the you of tomorrow.


I cannot promise you that the next hour is going to be perfect.  Odds are that it will have its own share of challenges.  Make room for both the joy and lessons that it will bring.  Unpack yesterday and get ready to fill up today.  Get ready to live and celebrate being you.



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