Disapprove, Move, Behoove, and Groove

Disapprove, Move, Behoove, and Groove

Epiphany 48-51


We all have our pet peeves, those annoying habits or actions that others do which we find to be displeasing.  Maybe it is something understandable like someone talking with their mouth full of food or tapping their foot loudly and interrupting what is being said or perhaps performed.  We recognize that it is an adjective, a judgement of sorts and yet, for most of us, it is also one of our greatest fears.  As a verb, however, to disapprove indicates a type of power, a power that is often misused and abused.


Whether we are the one doing the disapproving or we are the object of someone else’s disapproval, it requires movement.  That movement needs to take place on both sides, by the way.  Even if we are on the side of right, we need to allow for some understanding on our part of that which we are disapproving.


If you think all of the above sounds complicated it is… and it isn’t.  You see, it is well within your rights to disapprove but that cannot be the end.  Once you have determined that you disapprove, then you need to understand, move mentally into how the other side that is the object of your disapproval might be thinking or acting.  And yes, you might even need to change your mind.


The word “behoove” literally means to do something or to be necessary.  The world will never advance if we do not all work together.  In other words, we have to be.  We cannot simply go along doing whatever we please.  That is living selfishly.  We need to be something and that includes being something for someone besides ourselves.


During this Epiphany series we have been discussing verbs, words of action that allow us to move forward in our living productively.  Propulsive rhythm is the definition of the word “groove”.  When we determine what we like or dislike, then take action or move towards rectifying things, we end up doing something positive, something that, hopefully, will propel the world into a brighter tomorrow.


Disapproval is not the end but a start for a better tomorrow if we allow it to motivate us to take action and make positive changes.  It’s called working together after careful and fair introspection.  It’s called peaceful forward action.  It’s called the only way we will all live together, work together, and thrive together.  Remember, your comfort zone exists only in your head.  It is not a latitudinal or longitudinal spot on the map.  Use your thoughts to inspire and stimulate positive action and change.  It is the best way to run a path to success, the groove we all we hope to follow.

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