Your Turn – 2

Your Turn – 2


The Creative Soul


 Last Sunday’s challenge involved a piece of paper, a rubber band, and a pencil.  So how did you do?  I once asked a class of third graders top do this very creative exercise.  They all made some sort of a string bass, using the pencil as the instrument’s body, the rubber band as the string(s), and the paper as something vibrate, in the region of where the bridge on a guitar would be.  Regretfully, technical difficulties are not letting me post a picture of my creation but it was very similar to those my students made.



By the way, if you are interested in making other paper instruments, check out this link:

 It may sound silly to be making an oboe straw and yes, even sillier to play one, but there are health benefits.  This coming week we will discuss them.  In the meantime, this week’s challenge involves fibers or yarns.  You can use any type of yarn and only two other items (of your choice) in creating your art.  Enjoy! 

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