Dreaming is Believing

Dreaming is Believing

Pentecost 91

What is the deity of your dreams?  I love this question and no, I cannot claim ownership.  It is a really good question, though.  Hopefully, if you belong to an organized religion or participate in a spiritual belief or practice, your “dream” god is fairly close to the deity of your preferred spirituality or religion.

Did someone long ago have the same question and answer it by creating a mythology?  Today’s post has an assignment (Don’t worry; nothing to turn in or get graded!) so it will be brief so as to give you time for deliberating on an answer.  I truly appreciate all those who take time to read this so please do ponder a response.  I’d be pleased to have you post it in the comments and I promise to not publish if you ask.

There is a second part to the assignment.  The first is “What is the deity of your dreams or rather, what is your dream god/goddess/ and yes, there can be plural?  The second is this:  What is your ideal deity/god/goddess? (Again, plurals are included.)

Dreams are an often studied and still unknown entity for mankind.  We often use the term to imply ideal but is what we dream really our ideal?  Take a few minutes and, as I mentioned, please feel free to send me a line with your answer.

Tomorrow we will delve into the activation-synthesis model which science uses to explain our dreams, and consciousness will be included.  You see, what we envision and what we dream influence how we live and what we do.  What we worship and what we believe, that which is our Kadosh or Holy One, is an integral part of our consciousness and our subconscious or unconscious.  Or is it the other way around?

Today delve into what you think.  Do you believe dreaming is believing?  Is the mythology of a religious deity just a dream or can it be a reality?  Instead of thinking in terms of religion versus spirituality, should it be beliefs versus our dreams?  Can’t wait to get your responses!